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Kyubit BI is on-premise, web based, collaborative BI tool designed for user friendly OLAP Analysis & Reports, Dashboards and KPI management. Kyubit BI is web-based tool designed for user intuitive OLAP analysis, Dashboards and KPI management. Easy create and share awesome OLAP reports and Dashboards based on your SQL and OLAP data with your team or create subscriptions to receive accurate data at scheduled time. OLAP analysis with Kyubit Business Intelligence delivers web-based attractive OLAP analysis. Quick product setup, OLAP standard analytic features, visual analysis, reports and analysis subscriptions are key features of Kyubit Business Intelligence software. Dashboards based on data from your SQL and OLAP databases are quickly designed to present most valuable information for your business case. KPI and Gauges presents visual success metric tools, while charts present data visualizations.
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