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Leadsolo is an ML based Lead Generation engine that scraps real time web-data to capture hot and fresh Leads. A business is only as good as the customer it gets. Everywhere you look, there is a probable prospect for your product. Leadsolo is the eyes and ears that would allow you to make that prospect into a customer. Using Machine Learning, Leadsolo scraps millions of live public domain web-pages for contacts of people you want. Get fresh and accurate contacts and increase the reach of your business. With database search, you can categorize the type of contacts you want from a range of filters, narrow down to the ones you need and get going in no time. Leadsolo integrates with tools such as LinkedIn, ZOHO, SendGrid, etc. seamlessly. A simple setup and you’re getting benefits of Leadsolo’s prime prospecting and the functionality of the aforementioned services all in one place. Be it an Alexa ranked 1 or Alexa ranked 10000, Leadsolo will find the contacts on that website and relay it to you. A lifelong solution for prospecting new customers, get annual access to Leadsolo today!
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