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Engaging effectively with website visitors and gathering their leads can be a great way to convert them into customers. But how do you go about engaging with them in the right way? Notificationpro provides a comprehensive solution for collecting visitor leads and creating meaningful engagements with them. Creating popup modals to collect visitor leads and showing your social proof now in one tool to grow your business. You can create different widgets and popup modals to collect their leads in just a minute. Additionally, you can portray your social proof, such as recent sales activity and customer reviews, to win the confidence of potential customers and increase your sales. You have the ability to alter the moment when the widgets become visible in order to draw people's attention. This can be done by adjusting the scrolling percentage, adding a hover effect, setting specific URLs, and incorporating custom webhooks. Gather visitor engagement metrics such as impressions, hover time, clicks, and form submissions all in one place with Notificationpro. With instant delivery of user data directly to your mailbox, you'll never miss a beat when it comes to taking action swiftly. Turn website visitors into buyers by interacting with them effectively. Notificationpro offers a comprehensive answer for gathering user leads and establishing significant relationships. Gather information, present social evidence, and adjust how prominently widgets appear to grab attention. Ready to grow with Notificationpro?

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