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What is Paysera Tickets? Paysera Tickets is a low-cost event ticketing system that supports a variety of event types and sizes, from concerts and theatre to sports and seminars. An exclusive self-service system allows you to create, edit and manage event information whenever you want. The organizers are given the opportunity to add different types of tickets, change prices, activate discount codes, and send invitations to participants. The Paysera Tickets system also provides additional personal information about visitors, such as the size of the visitor's shirt or their preferred meal. PRICING If an organised event is free for visitors, the organizer can also use the event ticketing system free of charge. Paid events are applied with the standard payment collection pricing of Paysera, which is publicly available. Neither the buyer nor the organizer are subject to any unexpected, sometimes referred to as "ticket" or "administration", charges. Ticket checking does not require any additional equipment, as all you need is the Paysera Tickets app for iOS or Android. PAYMENTS AND BILLING All payments for tickets are carried out through the Paysera system. The organizer receives real-time payments for tickets to his/her Paysera account. The money can be used immediately and you do not have to wait for the event to be over. Buyers can choose from the most popular payment methods provided by the organizer: banklink, payment cards, and more. Moreover, buyers can purchase tickets from any corner of the world in their usual ways and currencies.
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