Virtual Venue 3D

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VirtualVenue3D is a platform designed for virtual and hybrid events, created by specialists in event management. It aims to connect people and help clients organize impactful events using technology. The platform is immersive and designed for people to connect, collaborate, and share experiences.
Virtual Venue 3D
  • Immersive experience

    Provides a realistic 3D environment for events

  • Customizable

    Allows for branding and customization of the virtual venue

  • Cost-effective

    Eliminates the need for physical event spaces and associated costs

  • Limited audience size

    May not be suitable for large-scale events

  • Technical requirements

    Requires a stable internet connection and compatible devices

  • Lack of physical interaction

    Cannot fully replicate the experience of in-person events

  • Increasing trend towards virtual events due to COVID-19 and cost savings
  • Can be used for a variety of events and industries
  • Can be integrated with other event management software for a seamless experience
  • May face competition from other virtual event platforms with similar features
  • May face security concerns related to virtual events and data privacy
  • May face challenges in convincing event organizers to switch to virtual events

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Virtual Venue 3D Plan

Virtual Venue 3D offers three pricing plans: Basic for $49/month, Pro for $99/month, and Enterprise for custom pricing, each with increasing features and capabilities.
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