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vMAP Portal is a web-based GIS tool that provides businesses with data visualization, analysis, route calculation, reporting, and other features. It is easy to set up and does not require technical knowledge. It can be used with open-source GIS tools or integrated with other websites and apps using its API. The platform has been developed since 2005 and serves the needs of various professionals, including data engineers, data scientists, researchers, mapping analysts, logistics and sales managers. It also allows professionals to integrate GIS data from external sources without complicated system changes.
Haiberg GmbH
Suitable for enterprise
  • User-friendly interface

    Easy to navigate and use

  • Customizable maps

    Users can create and edit maps to fit their needs

  • Real-time data updates

    Maps are updated in real-time with the latest data

  • Limited integrations

    Does not integrate with all software systems

  • Limited features

    Does not have all the features of more advanced mapping software

  • Limited data visualization options

    Not all data can be visualized in the way users may want

  • Can be used in a variety of industries and markets
  • Can increase its usefulness by integrating with more software systems
  • Can increase its competitiveness by adding more features
  • May lose customers to more advanced mapping software
  • May see a decrease in sales during economic downturns
  • Security breaches can damage the reputation of the product

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vMAP Portal Plan

vMAP Portal offers a subscription-based pricing model with three versions, starting at $99/month, each with increasing features and capabilities.
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