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Not Claimed offers personalized search solutions for retailers that use shopper data to provide more relevant search results, reduce bounce rate and cart abandonment. The solution increases product data and catalog coverage, resulting in a 70% increase in CTR and 80% lift in conversion for retailers who have used it. The solution tackles search queries at two levels by fixing product data and building shopper profiles based on their actions on the site. The personalized solutions understand shoppers' nuances at a granular level and provide accurate and relevant results for each shopper.
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Suitable for enterprise
  • Personalization

    Tailored search results based on user behavior

  • Ease of Integration

    Can be easily integrated with existing e-commerce platforms

  • AI-powered

    Uses advanced AI algorithms to improve search accuracy

  • Limited Features

    May not have all the features of a comprehensive search solution

  • Cost

    May be more expensive than other search solutions

  • Data Privacy

    May raise concerns about data privacy and security

  • Opportunity to expand in a growing e-commerce market
  • Opportunity to offer more customization options for search results
  • Opportunity to integrate with other AI solutions for a more comprehensive e-commerce experience
  • Competition from other search solutions in the market
  • Changes in consumer behavior may affect the demand for personalized search
  • Changes in data privacy regulations may affect the use of personalized search

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Media Personalized Search personalized-search-screenshot-1.png Personalized Search Plan Personalized Search offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model with three versions starting at $0.01 per search, with additional features available at higher tiers.
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