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VWO is a web testing and conversion optimization platform that helps businesses optimize their web experience across devices. It allows users to gather insights, prioritize hypotheses, plan a roadmap, conduct tests, and analyze results. VWO is designed for ease of experimentation and can launch a test within minutes without IT help. It is fully GDPR compliant and provides robust security. VWO has a global customer base that includes leading enterprise brands and has helped over 4,500 brands run over 600,000 experiments to date.
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  • Easy to use

    Intuitive interface and drag-and-drop editor make it simple for non-technical users to create and run tests.

  • Robust feature set

    Offers a wide range of testing options, including A/B testing, multivariate testing, and split URL testing.

  • Real-time results

    Provides real-time data and insights, allowing users to quickly make informed decisions about their tests.

  • Limited integrations

    Does not integrate with as many third-party tools as some other testing platforms.

  • Limited personalization options

    Does not offer as many options for personalization and targeting as some other testing platforms.

  • Limited reporting capabilities

    Reporting features are not as robust as some other testing platforms, making it more difficult to analyze and interpret results.

  • As more businesses recognize the importance of testing and optimization, the market for testing platforms is expected to continue to grow.
  • As consumers expect more personalized experiences, there is an opportunity for VWO Testing to expand its personalization capabilities.
  • As more users access websites and apps on mobile devices, there is an opportunity for VWO Testing to expand its mobile testing and optimization capabilities.
  • VWO Testing faces competition from established testing platforms with larger market share and more resources.
  • As data privacy regulations become more stringent, there is a risk that VWO Testing may face increased compliance costs and restrictions.
  • In the event of an economic downturn, businesses may cut back on spending on testing and optimization tools, which could negatively impact VWO Testing's revenue.

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Review Distribution

  • 👍
    High - rated users

    VWO has an advanced and fully comprehensive testing and optimization solution that allows you to create hypothesis and theories for each test while making observations along the way.The pricing for all products is expensive, and their optimization product is far too expensive for most businesses and requires a lot of management time.

  • 🤔
    Average - rated users

    VWO Testing is an intuitive tool to run AB tests, and it is easy to create a new experiment, set up goals, and track the performance of the tests. It also allows for easy traffic segmentation and performance analysis by different segments.Depending on the complexity of the page code, it might be trickier to set up experiments using the AB test or deploy tools. VWO support could be much faster and clearer to resolve issues.

  • 👎
    Low - rated users

    The support is kindly even if they were not able to solve the bugs.A significant part of the users cannot see the A/B test, and the deploy function doesn't work properly. At least 10% of the users see always the old code. Google spider doesn't see the deploy version, so for instance, you cannot use it to deploy SEO code.


VWO Testing Plan

VWO Testing offers three pricing plans starting at $199/month, each with increasing features and capabilities for A/B testing and optimization.
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